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The Lippitt Club was started in 1973 by a group of individuals dedicated to preserving the original Old Vermont Morgan horse. These individuals agreed to a specific set of Morgans as the “foundation” of the horses now known as Lippitt Morgans. The Morgans designated as Lippitt Morgans have no 20th century outcrosses. It is the steward of this foundation bloodline and a true resource of the original blood of Figure – the first Morgan horse.

The LMBA was incorporated June 16, 1995. The Purpose of this Association is to Preserve and Promote the Original Lippitt Morgan Horse as defined at "What is a Lippitt?", and to better the conditions of those engaged in the Breeding and Care of the Lippitt Morgan horse

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"Most people have no idea that so many historic horse, pony and donkey breeds teeter on the brink of extinction. North America has viable, yet struggling breeding populations of over 25 different such breeds. Some are foreign and some are pure American. The Equus Survival Trust is on a mission to help."

"Sheer numbers will not save the integrity of our endangered breeds. It requires sound breeding practices and good stewardship."

The Lippitt Morgan Horse Registry, Inc will provide registry services via genetic testing and maintain a record of Lippitts. We are a staunch advocate in the preservation and protection of the Lippitt Morgan Horse.

The American Morgan Horse Association seeks to advance the breed and offer exciting programs and services for all our members. Membership in AMHA can benefit you in countless way. We hope you’ll take the time to check out all the great “perks” and how your membership can help preserve, promote and perpetuate the breed for generations to come.

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