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Other Horses around the Farm

While we are a breeding farm, we do have other horses that are not currently in our breeding program, but they have their place and jobs to do. We'd like to introduce them.

Willo Pond Knight Remedy

Remy is a pure Lippitt gelding with an impressive show record. He embodies the versatility of the Lippitt Morgan, he drives, rides both English and Western and is exceptionally willing and eager to please. We are proud to have Remy representing OakenHeart Morgans and the Lippitt Morgan at local shows and events with Alexi Lancette up. 

Remy carriage.jpg


Ransom is by River Riders Riddler aka The Red out of Juhasz Liberty. We feel he has potential to be our next Lippitt herd sire and he has been retained. 



"Uncle Storm" is our resident Non-Morgan foal babysitter. He was purchased as a companion for Dreamer when we first bought him and has become a farm favorite. He is good natured and keeps an eye on the foals after weaning. He is pictured with his friend Lindsey. 

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