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No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn’t there to welcome me.


 “While time will fade, these hoofprints… the ones left on your heart... will never disappear.”


Desert Moon Marana

Rebel was the first foal born on our farm. He was beautiful rare grey buckskin and the son of Marana Minnie Mouse and Marana Olympus. A precious boy who only lived 2 days due to Neonatal Foal Maladjustment Syndrome. Rebel is buried at OakenHeart under the 'Rebel Oak' tree

Marana Olympus

Marana Olympus (Alex) was imported from Canada. He was unique in that he was the Morgan Breed's only known grey Perlino stallion. More than that, he was the kindest, sweetest stallion I've ever met. He was a gentleman to both humans in the breeding shed and with his mares. Alex's presence will be keenly missed by all of us here at the farm and his numerous admirers in the Morgan world. He is buried on the farm near his son Rebel.

Alex's beautiful foals born at Oakenheart are pictured below his photo: Rebel, Ruthie, Caly, Dolly, Pixie and Sasha

Wachuset Sherman

Sherman was a grand Lippitt stallion who sadly passed unexpectedly. He was a kind, sweet stallion who was living his best life in a large pasture with mares. His previous owner, Neil Lewis, who owned and loved Sherman for 17 years said "Sherman surely died happy."

He is buried on OakenHeart farm surrounded by tulips.

W.ShermanWLM7.03 (1).jpg
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